Poster of classical music centers in Moscow

Classical concerts in Moscow take place regularly: in almost every season talented performers of organ or symphonic classics, jazz classical pieces, and piano concerts perform. The schedule of concerts in Moscow can be found on the poster of classical concerts, which is published one to two months before the premiere.

Famous performers of classical music perform in organ halls, at the Opera and Bolshoi theaters, philharmonic societies, where events are regularly held in the world of classical music. The duration of a symphony or piano concert is regulated by the schedule and theme of the program and, as a rule, is no more than 2.5 hours. Before the premiere of the concert, you should buy a poster of classical music, thanks to which you can familiarize yourself with the conditions for holding an organ or symphony concert, find out the schedule of a musical evening.

Events in the world of classical music are important for the cultural development of the city and society as a whole, as listening to the classics not only allows you to get aesthetic pleasure, but also to know yourself, to experience a new world of magical sounds live.

07 ноября 2020 г. Москва. Концерт

"Млечный путь.   НЕОКЛАССИКА Гарика Акопяна"


Московский Планетарий    Тел. для справок:         +7(499) 444-01-60

Большой звездный зал.   19.30 ч.   21.15 ч.            

О концерте

Премьера концерта композитора неоклассика Гарика Акопяна при участии оркестра. Новое слово и, по-истине, открытие в мире современного классицизма. Неповторимый характер мелодий, которых мир еще не слышал, в исполнении оркестра, рояля, дудука, перкуссии и других этнических инструментов. Живой звук под куполом Планетария и "космическая" атмосфера -  обещает сделать шоу незабываемым.

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